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Finding Manson

Manson is a growing community of approximately 2000. It is in north-central Iowa, located on Highway 7, just 16 miles west of Fort Dodge and within 10 miles of the Twin Lakes Recreation Area.

Impact Structure Crater marker

Manson lies near the center of a 24 mile wide crater that was created 74 million years ago when a meteorite crashed to earth. Researchers believed at one time that this meteorite caused the deaths of the dinosaurs. Read more about the Manson Impact Structure here or here.

Manson's annual celebration is called "Greater Crater Days" in honor of the much-studied yet invisible crater.

Business District

The Manson Business District features covered walkways and provides retail stores, banks, restaurants, insurance, legal, real estate, medical services, pharmacy, and newspaper. Click the members link and browse through the member businesses.

Downtown during the annual chili cook-off


Manson Community Cares is an organization unique to Manson. Manson Community Cares is a free time recreation group providing fun and a substance free environment for all ages throughout the Manson Northwest Webster District. Activities are held which that encourage participation and offer leadership opportunities for all students.

Manson has a strong musical heritage reaching down through its many years of existence. The jewel in Manson’s musical crown is the Manson Meridian Singers. This organization of singers was established in 1972 and presents their annual shows in January and February. Singers are from Manson and surrounding towns.

Several of the local service clubs have cultural programs during their meetings such as Women’s Club, P.E.O., Beta Sigma Phi, and Lions Club. The Wa Tan Ye Club sponsors annual craft shows featuring local artists and crafters whose creations may be purchased. The Garden Club not only studies the art of horticulture but also beautifies the town with their flowerbeds.

The Manson Public Library is a cultural center with special programs and features throughout the year. Manson has a dozen published authors and their works are available at the library. A new book club has formed which meets to discuss specific books.

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