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Manson Northwest Webster School District

MNW Cougar on the hill in front of the high school

Manson is particularly proud of our school system and programs for youth. The High School and Grade School are in two modern buildings located on a large campus in Northeast Manson. The third facility is a modern complex located in Barnum. The High School is adjacent to the Golf Course. The Athletic Complex is located nearby at the Fairgrounds.

The school district covers an area of approximately 218 square miles that lie in Calhoun, Pocahontas, and Webster counties.

The Mission of the Manson Northwest Webster School is dedicated to achieving excellence in education and developing responsible citizens. We welcome the challenge.

1227 16th St.
(712) 469-2682
  Middle School
303 Pierce, Barnum
(515) 542-3211
High School
1601 15th St.
(712) 469-2712
  Superintendant: Mark Egli
1227 16th St.
(712) 469-2202

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